I Tradizionali culinary tattoo

Rolling up your sleeves to get to work in the kitchen just got a whole new meaning. The “I Tradizionali” project from designers Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso is a series of culinary temporary tattoos that help you remember just what it is you’re doing in the kitchen.

I Tradizionali culinary tattoo for adults

Combining traditional recipes that are passed down through generations with the more contemporary sight of forearm tattoos, the series lays out in a graphic format which ingredients are needed and in which order. Rather than referring to a cookbook or trying to remember Grandma’s famous artichoke recipe, you can simple look at your own skin.

Temporary tattoos with recipes

Each tattoo comes in a four-pack, and each tattoo comes with an attached shopping list. A perforated line between them lets you take the list shopping with you. Then when you get home, slap on the temporary tattoo and you’ll know exactly what to do with those ingredients.

Just look at your arm to follow a recipe

In keeping with the modern tattoo theme, the ingredients on the temporary tattoos are illustrated in a simplified graphic style. The images are not unlike those that you would see on actual tattoos. Although the instructions are meant to be temporary helpers, we have to admit that having a favorite recipe permanently rendered on your arm would be an exceptionally stylish way to display your love of all things culinary.

“Not only does the tattoo emphasize the common gesture of ‘rolling-up one’s sleeves’ before cooking, but it also helps the cook to remember the order in which the recipe is to be prepared. Passing down recipes is part of every country’s traditional culture. With ‘I Tradizionali,’ however, exchanging recipes becomes an even more enjoyable experience.”

“Not only do they assist older generations in passing downfamily recipes to their children, but they alsointroduce a newway ofspreading traditional, good and healthy recipes to literally anybody.”