tuttomio swiveling chair
Sometimes when you work, you just want to be alone. Other times, you welcome the input and communication with others. The unusual Tuttomio chair from Campeggi lets you choose your level of privacy by swiveling in segments.
swivel privacy chair
The chair is slightly cocoon-like, resembling two halved cups with the smaller half nested within the larger one. Inside the smaller “cup,” a convenient work desk provides room for a laptop or a stack of schoolwork.
tuttomio chair
When you feel the need for complete privacy, you can swivel the inner portion so that the seating area is completely enclosed on all sides. To people on the outside, the Tuttomio looks a bit like a closed flower.
campeggi tuttomio swiveling privacy chair

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If you need inspiration from nearby people or from your surroundings, the chair just as easily swivels back into the “open” position. The comfortable chair is like a big security blanket, ready to wrap you up and keep you safe and isolated from the world until you’re ready to rejoin it.