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Inspired by the Superyacht brand Dubois, Magnus Strom of Strom Architects, based in Hampshire, Southern England, decided to create a series of 30 “Superhouses.” If you’re rich — and OK, we’re talking super rich here — then you may just be able to persuade him (via charm, good taste and sufficient pots of money) to encapsulate your fabulous lifestyle with the trappings and even the specific interior (and exterior) trimmings of wealth: A Superhouse, fitted and kitted with every possible addition, both aesthetic and practical, to your perfect life of plenty.
Strom Superhouse Explore
Strom Superhouse

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This unique, custom-built structure — if so prosaic a word is adequate to describe this level of bespoke and beautiful architecture — just screams glamour, privilege and style. Though only discreetly — the super rich value their privacy, after all.

Dubois Superyacht

The Dubois Superyacht

Dubois has been building and designing wonderful works of floating architecture and engineering since 1977. Equipped with full sail and regalia, they provide every possible requirement for the man (or woman) who has everything, and naturally, wants to top it off with a world-class Superyacht.
Strom Superhouse
Strom Superhouse
While working with a globally-renowned naval architect and having seen the eye-popping, floating creations at Dubois, Strom wondered: If there are Superyachts, then why not Superhouses? Why couldn’t they reach the same heights of design quality and workmanship with a house? Well quite.
Some may argue that super houses abound across the world already, but feast your eyes on these snaps of the very first concept Superhouse, which will be inscribed with the unique ID S 00/30, and you may not believe that super superlative to be even slightly superfluous. Or putting it more simply — wow!
Strom Superhouse bedroom
“Our mission is to design such Superhouses and to set them apart from existing contemporary, high-end architecture. We will do so through having a holistic approach; not just to the design of a Superhouse, but also to the lifestyle out of which it is born,” said Magnus Strom.
Strom Superhouse Explore
Offering “bring your house to you — the world is your oyster” to the super rich, whose oyster already contains only the best pearls the world can provide, Strom Architects are confident their international Superhouses will be very much in demand. Well let’s face it — just take a look at the first one!
From the Superhouse website: “To design and own a Superhouse will be a dream that only a select few will realise. Your Superhouse will represent you, your lifestyle, your family, how you work and how you play. It will allow you to showcase the beautiful objects you own, the wine you collect, the cars you love driving, the art that inspires you. And, we won’t just provide the architecture for the Superhouse, we will also co-ordinate with other luxury services to ensure you have the bespoke furniture, the custom-built wine storage, the top specification garage and the hanging and lighting system in your gallery.”
Strom Superhouse with car

A more common or garden Strom design (though still pretty super)

Strom don’t just build Superhouses. He and his team have created many bespoke and impressive structures the world over, and each has something in common — world class construction and design. They’ve simply decided to take high-end architecture to the next level. So, if you are rolling in moola and looking for your next haven, the simple domestic matter of the best-that-money-can-buy created expressly for you and for your unique lifestyle, then look no longer. Superhouses have arrived. Simply super.