Retractible Shutters House 1

A series of glass boxes protected by retractible metal shutters blur the boundaries between indoors and out in this two-level home by Spanish firm Estudio Entresitio. Transparent volumes interact with voids and stark concrete walls to create a variety of irregularly shaped spaces characterized by strong diagonal and vertical lines.

Retractible Shutters House 2

Retractible Shutters House 3

From the outside, it’s hard to tell where the interior of the home even begins, as the shutters are flush with the glass in some areas and separate from it in others, creating courtyards that have a sense of privacy, yet are open to the sky. These serve as sunlit circulation routes from one end of the home to the other.

Retractible Shutters House 6

Retractible Shutters House 5

Large operable glazed walls enable the indoor areas to be opened to the outdoor and transitional spaces, so the home can go from feeling cozy and warm to fresh and breezy within minutes.

Retractible Shutters House 4

While the second floor of common areas is nearly all glass, forming one continuous curving volume, the bottom floor full of the sleeping areas is more fragmented, with the shady spaces between the rooms feeling like little burrows.