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Morten Birch and Nichlas Lloyd met at a business school in Denmark about 10 years ago. After a lot of brainstorming, they came up with the feature-packed STRØM CITY bike. The duo understands the challenges of urban commuting, and they say they want to make it easier for everyone.

“Our mission with STRØM Bikes is to make inner-city commuting more sustainable and convenient, and to help accelerate the transition to green transportation,” they explain.


Hidden just inside the STRØM CITY bike’s frame is a sleek removable battery, which gives you a cruising range of up to 50 miles on a full charge. Oh, and it comes with a built-in lock system to thwart would-be thieves. You won’t hear the bike’s 350-watt durable electric motor, but you’ll definitely feel it kick in. Simply use the “automatic drive” or “throttle” settings to go all-electric, or use the “pedal assist” setting for a simple speed boost.

STRØM CITY has also been fitted with a seven-speed Shimano gear system for those times when you actually want to ride your bike. After all, that’s the way to go if you want to get some exercise or your battery is out of juice.

The bike’s aluminum frame helps keep it light, weighing in at just 37 pounds without the battery and 43 pounds with it. There are two frame sizes to choose from — medium (160-180 centimeters, or 63-71 inches) and large (180-210 cm/70-83 inches) — so people of all sizes are guaranted a fit. On top of all that, you can also order the bike in matte black, moon gray, or shiny white.


STRØM CITY keeps safety front and center. It’s equipped with dual Tektro disc brakes for safe stopping, and there’s no chance of ever forgetting your bike lights, since there’s an integrated lighting system built right into it. Just push a button to turn on the front and rear lights.

STRØM CITY is also stacked when it comes to luxury bells and whistles. An LED display lets you move between the bike’s six different assist levels and keep track of the battery level. Need to power up an electronic device? No worries: The bike also features a fully integrated USB charging system so you can top up on the road.


If the regular display isn’t enough for you, you always have the option to upgrade to STRØM’s “intelligent computer display,” which lets you see your battery level, assist level, distance, trip meter, speed in either km/h or mph, and much more.

We’re personally excited about STRØM CITY’s puncture-free tires. Just think: no more sudden stops and on-the-fly patching when you run over a nail or a shard of glass. Magical.

The STRØM design team put a lot of thought into durability and only made use of rust-free parts when crafting their e-Bike. They say: “We’ve even added a chain protector to keep mud and dirt out of your chain. Less cleaning, more biking!”