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A classic still targeted toward men (despite the rise of women executives), a valet stand still finds its way into many homes as an organizer for a favored suit here and there – but in a move to perhaps satisfy the desire to return to the days of indentured servitude, more and more are taking on human form as well (like the designer variant from Mark Wilkenson above).

In a way, it makes sense from a psychological standpoint: you would not entrust your cashmere, twill or silk garments to just anyone – a clothes stand of this kind helps sharpen creases, smooth crumples and otherwise take care of your finest clothes. So why not let it look like a trusted servant rather than a simple piece of wood furniture? Back in the day, a gentleman’s valet did more than merely hold or wash clothing – they drew baths, made travel plans, managed finances and (assuming they were even more well-trusted) were even known to shave their employers.

We may not all have executive tastes (or bank accounts, for that matter) but as a piece of furniture for fast-paced modern times it would not be surprising if these made some kind of resurgence. Perhaps eventually they will cease to be made of elegant mahogany and start coming in sleek titanium, complete with artificial intelligence to fill the void left by low-wage workers for the wanting elite.