As we learn more about the health benefits of standing versus sitting, a slew of standing desks have been pouring out of designers. The StorkStand is the cheapest, smallest, and most no-nonsense of the bunch. The standing desk is a platform that mounts to the back of any office chair, letting you go from sitting to standing in mere seconds.

The project was successfully funded through Kickstarter, so the portable standing desk product will be available to the general public at the end of 2014 at a price point of $199. This is a fraction of the cost of some classic standing workstations, which often cost upwards of $2000. The low price means that companies can finally start to provide every employee the option of a healthier workday by letting them choose to spend at least part of it standing.

Weighing in at just over 4 pounds, the StorkStand is a lightweight, compact, and portable answer to standing desks that are bulky, stationary, and difficult to convert between standing and sitting. When it’s attached to the back of a chair, the StorkStand can be rolled around anywhere. It can easily be used in a boardroom so you can use your laptop as a presentation device, or rolled over to a colleague when you need to collaborate

Perhaps the StorkStand’s best attribute is that it doesn’t take up space on your desktop or force you to perform complicated maneuvers to go from sitting to standing and back again. A little kickstand pops out and you fasten a strap around the back of your chair to set it up; reversing the process is just as simple. The desk can support up to 90 pounds, so you can fit your laptop, tablet, phone, and coffee on it without worrying about collapse – just watch that the office chair doesn’t tip over.