Sitting is the 21st century’s smoking. It’s being blamed for taking years off of our lives, and all because so many of us spend our days on our bottoms. One answer to the sitting problem is to use a desk that lets you stand up as you work. Most of the standing desks already on the market are prohibitively expensive, especially if you (not your employer) have to pay for it yourself.

The UpStanding desk is a brilliantly simple solution to both the sitting problem and the cost problem. Rather than requiring you to purchase an entirely new desk, the UpStanding desk sits on top of a regular desk or table and simply elevates your workspace.

Made of just five pieces of lightweight birch plywood, the UpStanding desk assembles in less than a minute. Its pieces slot together without the need for nails, screws, glue, or any other nonsense. This also means that you can disassemble the desk whenever it isn’t needed. It’s shipped flat-packed and weighs just ten pounds.

The desk extender can hold up to 200 pounds of your computer and office gear. The two-tier UpStanding desk can hold a monitor up top while the lower level holds a keyboard and mouse, or you can use the desk with just a laptop. A small channel at the back of the lower level holds your phone, tablet, or other gadgets. The project’s Kickstarter campaign was a rousing success, suggesting that we might all be able to afford a standing desk in the very near future.

“Every UpStanding Desk is made in America from furniture-grade Baltic Birch wood and hand-sanded for a smooth finish.”

“Consisting of five pieces that lock together without fasteners, our adjustable standing desk converters pack flat for easy storage or transport and set up in a flash. In creating the UpStanding Desk, our goal was to build a more thoughtfully designed, affordable, ergonomic standing desk for anyone who’s curious about how a standing desk might improve their health and well-being. “

“Convert your existing desk or table into a standing desk. Join the standing desk revolution today!”