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Shaking hands is a shaky proposition when you are carrying around both food and drink at a gathering, and stems generally make things all the more complicated because you cannot set your beverage down on your plate.

Katarzyna Borkowska and Tomasz Pydo of KABO&PYDO have a rather elegant solution to this timeless problem, in the form of a folded ceramic plate with a hole to accommodate tapered-neck glassware.

Even tipping the combination will not send your drink flying – sure, it could still spill, but that is a risk, regardless. One complaint, though: the plate has an elegant curve and looks a bit like a painter’s palette, but the glasses are a bit clunky by comparison.

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catering set wine glass

“The dishes are intended for cocktail banquets, where people are standing, changing places often and chatting. The set consists of a plate and two glasses (for wine or for water and juice). The advantage of this project is the ability to hold a plate and a glass in one hand. The user has a free other hand, which he can put on attachments without any difficulty, hold a fork or shake the interlocutor’s hand.”

plate with slot for wine glass

About the designers:

“KABO & PYDO is a proprietary, interdisciplinary design studio with extensive experience, founded by design designers Katarzyna Borkowska and Tomasz Pydo.”

“We design products and visual communications in many industries, mainly for industrial producers. We are looking for innovative solutions in every design process. We treat design as a tool to achieve the business goals of enterprises and meet the needs of users. We support companies in creating design strategies. We use the Design Thinking methodology.”

Sustainable development, relationships with people, intangible assets and social aspects of products are important to us. With our work, we want to improve the environment of humans, animals and plants. Respect and harmony are the values ​​that guide us as designers and as people.”