Playing with your food is off limits in polite society, but who said anything about your drink Spills are somewhat inevitable, so if your drip coffee drips on your clean white ceramic saucer you might as well make the best of it.

This simple embossed saucer by Erdem Selek makes a nice nesting spot for your coffee (or tea) cup, but then branches out to form a maze through which you can make any spilled liquid flow.?Like any good maze design, however, there are ways to make it to the middle but also dead-ends – could be quite a mess but at least it should be an entertaining one if you wake up too tired to grab the newspaper.

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Oh, and when you are finished toying with your tableware, you can skip the dishwasher and tuck cups and saucers directly onto another item from the same designer: an integrated drying rack-plus-planter design that pours any excess right into the roots of your plants (though you may want to make sure they are OK with caffeine before you give this a go).