Instagram is the nexus between the latest design ideas and those among us with an eye for the newest takes on stylish home decor, and this trend is certainly no exception. Spanifornia style can currently be seen dominating the feeds of top interior designers like House of Haires Design, Kate Lester Interiors, and McLellan & Co. Home. But what exactly is Spanifornia, and more importantly, how can we make it work in our own spaces?

Airy room adorned with all the rustic charms of Spanifornia style.

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It’s easy enough to see where Spanifornia comes from: a portmanteau of sorts, the term is meant to combine the laid-back California vibes of clean, simple lines and the Spanish feel of things like terracotta, handmade pottery, and other rustic touches like rough-hewn, under-finished wood. The combo evokes the perfect marriage of modern neutrals and down to earth, more natural materials that lend any space a touch of the Golden State’s airy aesthetic.

The result is a brightened-up look that stays fresh and balanced as well as bright and comfortable. Below are some tips from the pros about how to introduce this style into your home — and some of our fave products for making the best Spanifornia statement you can.

Down to Earth Neutrals

A simple way to embrace the Spanifornia trend is to choose a palette that evokes a dazzling airy vibe. What better way to keep it light than to keep the colors bright and neutral in shades of white? Add in some furniture with subtle rustic touches and you’re well on your way to Spanifornia dreamin.’

 Heathered Basketweave Wool Rug from West Elm

This Heathered Basketweave Wool Rug from West Elm adds texture to any room. Now just $110.50.

Alysa Square Pillow Cover and Insert from Wayfair

This Alysa Square Pillow Cover and Insert from Wayfair comes in off-white and beige to add both softness and contrast to any couch or comfy chair. Available for just $46.99.

Reclaimed Wood Bench from Amazon

A reclaimed wood bench like this one from Amazon adds a rustic touch to any home’s gathering areas. Available for $183.99.

Accent Shapes and Pretty Pottery

Accentuating your home’s natural arches and shapes is a great way to tackle the Spanifornia trend. Not lucky enough to have built-in architectural arches? Just recreate their effect with a couple clever design choices. And don’t forget the pottery — contrasting shapes and colors in the form of a bright bowl or handmade vase help make a room shine like the California sun.

Solid Wood Corner Bookcase from Wayfair

Add dimension and shape to your space with this Solid Wood Corner Bookcase from Wayfair. $129.99.

Handcrafted Vase from Pottery Barn

This handcrafted vase from Pottery Barn is a win-win with its weathered look and neutral colors. $59.00.

Handmade bowls from Etsy perfectly fit the breezy Spanifornia vibe.

These handmade bowls from Etsy add a pop of color to muted surroundings. $34.50.

Terracotta Twists

One design element that’s sure to elevate your interiors from regular-old California style to full-fledged Spanifornia is terracotta. While terracotta floors are great choices for both indoor and outdoor spaces, you can also integrate it more subtly with a few choice design pieces.

Terracotta planter from Crate & Barrel.

This planter from Crate & Barrel adds a terrific terracotta touch to any indoor or outdoor space. $119.00.

Terracotta Table Lamp, available on Amazon.

A table lamp is a great way to add a subtle terracotta accent while maintaining that stylishly neutral palette. Grab this one from Amazon for just $48.46.

Bright Whites

While muted, neutral tones are a cornerstone of the Spanifornia look, nothing says bright, airy, and classic like a palette of bright whites. If you’re nervous about trying an all-white palette, take a cue from the experts and try it only in your kitchen first. An all-white kitchen never goes out of style, and when it’s paired with simple design elements and small, colorful accents, it always looks good.

Stoneware kitchen canister from Pottery Barn

Add a hint of neutral color to an all white space with these elegant stoneware kitchen canisters from Pottery Barn. $49.00.

Reclaimed wooden knife block from Viva Terra

This reclaimed wood knife block from Viva Terra gives a rustic air to any cookspace. $99.00.

Hanging white pendant light from Kichler Lighting

Add a midcentury modern touch to the home with this hanging white pendant light from Kichler Lighting. $179.99.

Spanifornia interior design is here to stay, and it’s the perfect design trend to update your space this summer. Whether you’re looking for a top-down refresh or just want to add some chic, on-trend elements to your current decor, take a hint from Instagram and get on the Spanifornia train for a clean, laidback look that epitomizes coastal relaxation.