Jaanus Orgusaar Dune

Spherical shelves, spinning chairs and moleskin doors… Estonia is up to something very cool. More precisely, designer Jaanus Orgusaar is. We first fell in love with his unusual, spherical shelves. The Mini, Small, Medium and Big Comb are made of plywood and come in four sizes – large, medium, small and mini.

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Orgusaar Dune Shelf

We haven’t had a chance to ask the award-winning artist if his Dune shelf was inspired by the classic Sci-Fi book aka David Lynch movie, but we cannot resist the name – or the design. What’s evident is that Orgusaar is very much into exploring geometry. He’s built a much written-about, six-sided wood cabin.

“DUNE was inspired by various natural shapes – sand-dunes, flowing water, fractality. The shelf is based on the principle of the Flower of Life and the Golden ratio that appeals to the human eye through its ideal proportion. The winding curves of the shelf seem spontaneous at first glance but actually the wave is based on an algorithm that reoccurs after every fifth span. The repetition is created by three elements with different shapes in both vertical and horizontal levels. The algorithm is not computer generated but created by the designer.”

Jaanus Orgusaar Shelf
orgusaar honeycomb
Jaanus Orgusaar Shelf

Back to his shop though. Besides the book shelves, which work beautifully in small spaces (get the Mini), there are other futuristic pieces such as the Eight Cells Lamp and spinning Accelerator chair. Equally fascinating as this head-spinning seat is the Odyssey upholstered moleskin door, which looks like an oddly angelic portal into the future.

Jaanus Orgusaar Lamp
orgusaar cell lamp
orgusaar round chair

About the designer:

“Jaanus Orgusaar is an inventor and designer who dives straight to the primal source – his work is inspired by nature’s geometry that makes his objects clearly distinguishable. His trademark is the construction of three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional sheet material through inventive patterns. As a passionate experimenter he plays with structures resulting in surprising design and architectural objects. The shape, being based on nature’s principles, enables to change the scale of the object and so it’s possible that a lamp on Jaanus’ work desk transforms into a house and vice versa. His sculptural interior design objects are both practical and beautiful offering a unique spatial experience. Just as nature strives for structure and order, adapts to the surroundings, the designer tries to do the same. Jaanus Orgusaar transfers and abstracts nature into design and architecture.”

Get the scoop at www.facebook.com/Jaanus-Orgusaar-Disain and www.jaanusorgusaar.com