piamo microwave espresso maker
There are plenty of coffee purists who will tell you that you need fancy equipment and lots of practice to make the perfect cup of espresso. While that may or may not be true, most of us aren’t looking for the perfect cup – we just want that jolt of delicious, delicious caffeine as quickly as possible. Piamo is just the gadget to give it to you.
piamo components
Piamo needs nothing more than water, coffee – either ground or in a pouch – and a microwave. The espresso maker consists of a water chamber, filter, filter holder, and cute little espresso cup.
Fill up the water chamber with water, place the coffee into the filter, and flip it upside down. Attach the assembly to the cup and stick it in the microwave. In just 30 seconds, out comes a piping hot cup of espresso.
microwave espresso maker piamo

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While it might not seem like a 30-second microwave espresso would be worth drinking, the creators of the Piamo say that it makes delicious espresso. If nothing else, it’s small enough to keep in your desk drawer at work so you can get over that mid-morning slump quickly.