Roca has a bit of a reputation for making the ordinary somewhat extraordinary. Specifically, these designers are skilled at transforming the boring, mundane (and semi-taboo) fixture of the toilet into an artistic centerpiece of a design – or at least a more functional and integrate part of a bathroom interior.


One of their more clever designs is a two-in-one toilet-and-sink combination that saves space and adds a touch of elegance to two rather conventional (but entirely essential) bathroom fixtures. A single swooping curve encompasses the combined design, which hovers a few inches off the ground.


Another clever solution from Roca, this bidet-and-toilet set is concealed under a warm-colored wooden bench which allows for ventilation and seating while disguising the function below for a cleaner aesthetic.


Not sure you want something quite so complex? These simple-but-colorful bidet-and-toilet designs provide a way to add some accents to a bathroom interior without going too far overboard.