4 Your Baby toy
When you have a baby, the number of toiletries in your home automatically shoots up. You need special soaps, shampoos, moisturizers and all kinds of other things for the little one. But with square cabinets and (usually) rounded containers, the mess of baby stuff can quickly overwhelm your bathroom storage. A line of baby toiletries called 4 Your Baby make it easier to keep everything you need close at hand without dominating your cabinets. The plastic bottles come in typical baby-friendly primary colors, which may not be ideal for style-conscious parents, but everything else about the design is spot on.
Baby toiletries stack like LEGO bricks

The bottles are square to fit more snugly against one another. Each bottle has a protruding lid on the top and a recessed area in the bottom. The top of one bottle fits neatly into the recess in another bottle, allowing you to stack them like LEGO bricks. Designed by Hungarian design firm Fontos, the bottles feature simple, uncluttered fronts. The minimalist aesthetic is accompanied by bright colors and interesting shapes to make bath time a little more fun for everyone.
For now, the 4 Your Baby concept is just a part of Fontos’ graphic design portfolio and not a real product you can purchase. But the easy way these bottles fit together and the way they adopt the simple, classic shape of LEGOs makes it seem like these should just be standardized packaging for virtually everything. Too many spice jars? Stack them like LEGOs. Paint cans falling over in your garage? Why the heck don’t they stack like LEGOs?
Designs like this could solve all sorts of problems. When the bottles are empty, you could either refill them, reuse them for new purposes or just wash them and hand them over to your child to double as toys. What’s not to love?