Looking for the loudest alarm clock you can find to pierce even your deepest sleep? Consider the opposite approach taken by designer Johan Brengesjo for a moment: wake up not to the cacophony of a bell or ring nor the talking radio, a nature sounds CD or music MP3, but to a gentle-but-insistent wireless ring vibrating on your hand.

Have to travel early to the office but don’t want to wake the kids, husband or wife? No worries – someone could be in the adjacent room or even in the bed right next to you and sleep through this silent alarm. Of course, this is a natural fit for people who have some hearing loss or who are entirely deaf, but great for anyone sick of the same old sound-based approach to alarm clocks.

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Concerned about missing the repeating power of your current dual- or multi-alarm clock? The ring can be shaken back to sleep mode but become more insistent over time, letting you snooze less and less easily with each iteration. The modern minimalist thin-LCD display is a stylistic selling point as well, a design reflecting the understated way it wakes you up.