Speakarts has successfully married sound and vision in their new battery-powered Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a work of art. Put one on the wall or on top of your nightstand for a stylish, mid-century modern addition to your home décor. The speakers boast some high-end sound specifications and were visually inspired by contemporary Danish design.

Speakarts Covers

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The Speakarts cover, which features a photo, pattern, or artwork, is sound transparent and allows you to display whatever you want without diminishing the speaker’s sound quality. When assembling your Speakarts package, you can purchase a cover painted by one of the company’s five international “partner” artists or simply opt for a standard in-house design. These simpler covers are derived from the latest Danish design trends. The use of geometric patterns and solid colors turn the speaker into a “sleek, attention-grabbing design piece.”

Custom Cat Speakarts

Alternatively, you can create your own Speakarts covers! When you order online, Speakarts provides you with a link that allows you to upload you a high-resolution image file to be printed on your speaker cover.

Speakarts speakers

Co-founder Jonas Lyngbek Thestrup explains that Speakarts allowed him the freedom to fuse two of his favorite art forms: “I have always wanted to create something long-lasting that can make you happy day after day. That combined with my everyday joy of music and my passion for product design, makes Speakarts my way of living out my dreams.”

Speakarts Boxes

The company launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo in April 2017, setting a goal of $60,000 and offering Early Bird discounts of up to 60 percent off of the projected retail price (expected to be around $900). Many of Speakarts’ pre-order packages also allow the buyer to choose from a selection of customized artwork and add-ons. The company plans to begin shipping out orders worldwide in November.

Speakarts Sound Specifications

The speaker is ready to go right out of the box. All you have to do is connect it to your preferred device through Bluetooth and press play. The frame is constructed from sturdy oak and can be ordered with a natural or smoked finish. Speakarts’ sound specs are even more impressive. Each speaker is equipped with “innovative sound optimization technology” that analyzes and enhances the playing soundwaves at an astounding rate of 48,000 times per second. The company website explains that the speaker “uses the most cutting edge sound processing and output technology accounting for both direct and indirect sound response.” In other words, Speakarts are able to distribute sound evenly across any room.

Natural Oak Finish Smoked Oak Finish

Co-founder Thor Mønsted says, “As an audiophile myself, passionate about both design and sound, I have always been faced with the compromise between great sound and great design. I really felt the need to change the way we perceive loudspeakers and Speakarts is the solution. No compromises, just a marriage between stunning design and high-end sound.”

There you have it: Speakarts offer clear sound, clean design, and customizable artwork. Put a meaningful photo of you and family member in there, and you have the perfect gift. You could also just order an adorable kitten cover. The choice is yours!