The world of fashion loves to shock us, constantly creating styles that dare us to embrace them, much less buy and actually wear them. The most bizarre ones are rarely seen anywhere but on runways, but their influence lives on. Forward-thinking shoe styles are especially prominent nowadays, though they’re not always flattering. Next time you go shoe shopping, imagine finding these on the shelf.

Banana Slip

A very a-peel-ing set of banana slip-ons.

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Want to slip into something fun and comfy? These playful slippers are great for lounging around home or completing a casual outfit centered on your favorite fruits. With a little imagination, you could even turn yourself into a dessert with some chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

Toe Jam

This dress shoe leaves only the big toe exposed.

If you hate your toes — except for the big one — then these shoes are for you. Just jam your four other toes into a leather pouch, perfectly paint the nail on the king toe, and rock on.

For Nerds Only

Gabriel Dishaw's Circuit Board Sneakers

This line of sneakers by Gabriel Dishaw incorporates actual computer components in their construction. These “Circuit Board Sneakers” are upcycled Nikes, and they make the perfect gift for the geek in your life who’s usually so hard to buy for.

Hoofing It

Maison Margiela's Hoofed Tabi Boots

No need to share your farm fantasies: just put on a pair of these Tabi boots by Maison Margiela to make your feet look like cloven hooves. Just be prepared for a lot of “hoofing it” jokes if you dare to dance in them.

Sticky Feet

These high heels making stepping on gum more fun than ever before.

Nothing could make a host or club owner more squeamish than someone tracking gooey chewing gum all over the place, especially on rugs and carpeting. Not as uncomfortable as they look, these shoes might just be the best light-hearted investment you’ll ever make.

Licking It Up

These shoes are a little too tongue-in-cheek for our liking.

A la the iconic Rolling Stones band logo, these erotic shoes just might turn you on as you slip them on your feet.

Ugging It Out

Thigh-High UGG Boots

For an unattractive boot that oozes comfort, UGG has come a long way, with the company now manufacturing pillows and throws that embrace your body with soothing warmth and silkiness. Why not take that feeling all the way up your thighs and UGG it out all over town?

Deli Delight

Fun sandwich-inspired flip-flops.

People may know you’re a big sandwich fan, but nothing shows devotion to that satisfying cuisine like a pair of Sandwich Thongs/Flip Flops. Just don’t let any real food drop on your feet while you’re in them, or hungry dogs could ruin your picnic.

Better Than Barefoot

Jyo John Mulloor's

Driving people crazy is fun and these shoes, by graphic artist Jyo John Mulloor will make people do double and triple takes of your feet wherever you go. Just be sure to get a good pedicure before you wear this barefoot style, because they leave nothing to the imagination.

Toeing the Line

These hilarious high heels eliminate the stress of painting your nails.

Tired of endless foot grooming? You can put those worries to bed with these shoes that have toes painted on the outside, complete with polish and jewelry. Just be forewarned that foot fetishists might follow you around wherever you go.