convertible punching bag sofa
Imagine that you are sitting on your sofa, watching a movie – and suddenly you are overcome with rage at just how terrible the movie is. What do you you: write a strongly-worded letter and then throw it away? Throw your best china against the wall? No, you just lift up the back of your sofa and start beating the stuffing out of it.
punching bag sofa champ
Created by German Designer Tobias Fränzel, the couch is called Champ. The backrest easily moves into a vertical position to create a punching bag. You can take out all of your frustrations on the punching bag or just fit in a few minutes of working out during the commercials.
champ sofa open and closed

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The designer says that Champ is safe even for small children because there are no metal joints to pinch little fingers or toes. The frame is constructed of one continuous piece. When the punching bag is down, the sofa is a modern, curvy, interesting-looking piece of furniture. When it’s in the ready position, it looks like an odd (but quite possibly effective) piece of gym equipment.