We like to think that taking a hot bath is the ultimate in relaxation, but the reality is that most bathtubs aren’t very relaxing at all. Dutch designer Thomas Linssen wants to change that with his armchair-inspired bathtub.

The bathtub, made with a frame of American White Oak and a body of polyester/marble composite, looks almost like it could be at home in the living room.

In fact, that was precisely how Linssen’s design evolved: from a chair designed for comfort and posture to a bathroom object that would add elements of relaxation and style to the bathroom.

The tub was created by using the wooden frame as a mold for the composite, resulting in subtle outward bowing between the wooden “bones.” When the tub is filled with water, these gentle interior undulations look positively peaceful.

The resulting bathtub is a truly unique piece of bathroom furniture that is worthy of display even in the front room of a house…provided you would be comfortable taking a bath in full view of anyone else in the home.