What is Smartblock?

Smartblock FD workspace cube

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Smartblock is a mobile, modular piece of furniture that combines ergonomic comfort and great acoustics to create an immersive workspace experience. The Smartblock’s innovative and minimalist workspace cube aesthetic makes it easy for any company to customize it and tailor it to their brand, and its essential features make it the ideal thinking space for anyone who wants some privacy while they work.

Smartblock -Dwell on Design

Businesses and private clients alike use the cube as a place to give presentations, hold meetings, and get some individual or team (it can comfortably sit up to five people) work done. You can also use the Smartblock for video conferences, phone calls, interviews, and even just plain old down time! The pod only takes up 1.75 to 3 square meters of floor space depending on the model you purchase and can either sit snuggly in the corner of your office or tnd alone in the center of a larger reception hall.

Since the Smartblock has been equipped with a handy set of wheels, it can truly be positioned wherever you like. At this year’s Dwell on Design conference in downtown Los Angeles, Dornob got to take a closer look at a few of these ultra-mobile workstations.

What Special Features Does the Smartblock Have?

Smartblock - Interior

The Smartblock was specially designed for a quick and easy set-up and includes a few simple, effective features to enhance each user’s experience. Since the Smartblock is completely “plug and play,” its charging stations, dimmable LED lights, 32-inch HD display, and state-of-the-art speakers are all ready to go within minutes of being set up. If that’s not enough, the cube has also been fitted with noise-attenuating acoustical wall panels, which help drown out surrounding noise for a distraction-free atmosphere. The Smartblock also includes USB, HDMI, VGA, audio, and AC power outlets.


There are three Smartblock models to choose from: Smartblock Full-Analog, Smartblock Half-Analog, and the original Smartblock Full-Digital. The models all have similar designs, but each one of them includes a slightly different set of functional features. For example, while the Smartblock FD includes all the previously mentioned technology, the other two Smartblocks lack the HD screen and speakers. The Smartblock HA is also more compact than the other models, making it ideal for smaller office areas. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll be happy to hear that every Smartblock model includes comfortable seating and supportive back cushions.

Who Created the Smartblock?

Smartblock Oy Team

Smartblock was created in November 2015 by Mikko Sarkkinen and Janne Orava, the founders of the Finnish company Smartblock Oy. The idea for the Smartblock came from a mock-up that Mikko had drawn on a piece of paper while attempting to design a mobile office that featured everything the average employee needed to function practically and comfortably — with the addition of integrated technology.

The company has tried and tested every one of the Smartblock’s features to ensure the optimal table height, cushion padding, speaker positioning, and TV size. In a very successful launch, the Smartblock Full-Digital went on to achieve over one million sales, which lead to the release of Smartblock Full and Half-Analog models.

How Can I Get Involved?


With plans to expand their current collection of Smartblock models, it looks like there’ll be an extensive and visionary future for Smartblock Oy, and you can get involved today! Simply visit the company’s website and request an estimate by filling out a form. Let them help you build the perfect office environment.