When it comes to outdoor furniture, teak and wicker conjure certain aesthetic associations that are hard to escape. This colorful concepts employ likewise-textured fibers, but with hidden strength and simpler forms that allow for more flexible use in modern spaces.

Joel Escalona borrows from the traditional forms of garden table-and-chair sets, poolside daybeds and other exterior furnishings, but renders them in a uniquely different visual language, tying in elements of bent-wood objects and corrugated cardboard construction.

Sunbeds, dining tables, benches, all become part of a collection of that seeks balance between physical flexibility and visual cohesiveness. The real question is not whether they will hold up to the weather, but if they can support themselves structurally – only prototyping will tell for sure.

While the bar stool-and-counter system seems ingenious, letting one rock back and forth in position, it would be a shame to take a tumble from that extra-high seat … the daybed designs would be less of an issue were they to break down during use.