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Skateboarders tend to be very dedicated to their sport, with parts of the skating lifestyle pervading every part of their lives. A company called Skate-Home makes furniture and home accessories from repurposed skateboard decks.

skate-home bookends

skateboard deck clock

The company offers a wide variety of home accessories that you would probably never imagine could be built from skateboards. Particularly impressive are the Tail & Nose Stop bookends, two ends of a skateboard with wheels (stationary, we presume) that hold up your books in skater style.

skate-home chair and stool

Furniture made from skateboard decks is surprisingly modern and stylish. Simple stools and padded chairs would be at home even in a non-sports-related decor – they’re sophisticated with clean and contemporary lines.

skateboard coat racks

Coat racks made of skateboard decks and wheels are an unexpected addition to the skateboard-loving home. Other offerings from Skate-Home include varying sizes of shelves, wall lighting, mirrors, and all kinds of other surprisingly sophisticated home objects.