Precious Mirror
In small spaces, every square inch counts, and keeping everything neat and organized gets a lot trickier when you own a collection of jewelry and other accessories. Where do you put them all so you can still sort through them, and they don’t end up a tangled mess? This clever storage mirror design takes the concept of a medicine cabinet and applies it to a whole different purpose.
Not that you have to replace your medicine cabinet and then find a spot for all the things within. Just use the “Precious” mirror like a vanity in a bedroom, hallway or closet. It serves multiple purposes in one, offering a built-in jewelry box.
This mirror contains hidden storage
A series of tiny drawers slide out from one side, giving you the perfect place for rings, bracelets, watches and other small objects. On the other side, suspend your favorite necklaces from a hidden rack. Intentionally indirect, though not exactly secret, these storage spaces become accessible only with greater intention than simply opening the front door of an average medicine cabinet mirror.
Mirror doubles as a jewelry organizer
Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel of Les M Design Studio: “the mirror unfolds to reveal a colorful system for the organization of jewelry and fashion accessories. ‘Precious’ offers a pull-out bar with hooks to neatly hang necklaces and earrings.”
Drawers on the side of the mirror

“A set of removable boxes can accommodate bracelets, rings and the smallest items. The boxes in different shapes and colors, can be playfully assembled in multiple variations, creating an ever-changing setting.”
Mirrors with built-in jewelry storage can sometimes be found on Amazon and at big box stores, but they’re rarely this good looking. The “Precious” storage mirror fits right in with modern decor thanks to a clean, streamlined look and the use of solid wood as a primary material. Does it put your current jewelry organization system to shame or what?