italian kitchen island

Like many classic kitchen islands, this circular surface is designed to be a central element in an open-plan interior – but like a fancy food platter, it comes with something extra on top.

italian modular kitchen sphere

The upper portion of Sheer, composed of carbon fiber, serves as a vent hood when the cooking surfaces are being used below. A one-click system, it slides up via motor and slots back into place when the kitchen counter is no longer in use.

italian island in context

The bottom section provides a work surface with sinks, a small secondary refrigeration unit, multiple burners and a slide-out panel for serving or just adding surface area.

italian island storage accessories

Two movable satellite units can be attached for additional drawer space and double as mobile bars if desired. A visually complimentary rectangular free-standing unit can store glasses, chairs, a microwave and main refrigerator as well.

italian island in showroom

In many ways typically Italian, the result is both minimal and refined in some respects, like overall shape and primary materials, and a bit complex and opulent at the same time.