14 Carats by Blanchard Fuentes Design

Designed and built for a Los Angeles exhibition, this bench was made with harsh, bare and inhospitable urban environments in mind. Acute-angled edges and corners are not sharpened to slice the sitter, but are sufficiently honed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

14 Carats by Blanchard Fuentes Design angular outdoor bench

The seating portion itself is crafted from reclaimed Douglas Fir, linked to a precast concrete base and side planter via steel fasteners.

14 Carats by Blanchard Fuentes Design bench adn planter combo
14 Carats by Blanchard Fuentes Design planter detail

Created by Blafu, their builder-side take reads as a somewhat disjointed narrative – fitting, perhaps, for such a strange, bold and offbeat bench:

The Creases: they’re sharp. We cut and polished them that way.  Its the good work, we all would agree that sustains our perpetual forward motion, the desire and passion to dream, to build. For us, an exploration into a particular idea: the bridging and subsequent union of the hard and soft works.

“An idea of high craft and geometrical intersection, reclaimed materials tailored to new, the concrete jungle and green space…. and an orange grove, …simply because you should. Construct facets and live well. Glass Reinforced Concrete, Reclaimed Douglas fir, Steel.​”

building 14 carats

Blanchard Fuentes Design is committed to the cultivation of a unique design language based upon the virtues of time honored handcraft made fresh and lively through loose interpretations of Modernism. We are makers and thinkers simultaneously, where project insight and intellect
is recovered though a feverish process of concept – doing followed by a sobering period of deep inquiry. Discussions over sketchbook ideas often lead to long studio evenings where a profusion of creative media, from digital modeling to physical mock-ups, are employed to test ideas and continue an open dialogue on design.”

​​”In this regard the design team of blafú accesses a perpetual loop of discovery and meaning for both current and speculative work. They are forever believers in process.​​​”