coca-cola 2nd lives recycle bottles fun caps

Coke’s recent ad campaigns have been all about promoting friendliness and sharing. Their latest campaign, created by ad firm Ogilvy & Mather China, turns empty Coke bottles into useful objects, giving them “2nd Lives” which also happens to be the title of the quirky movement.

2nd Lives introduces 16 novel red caps that turn empty plastic Coca-Cola bottles into useful objects. The fun caps turn empty bottles into lamps, soap dispensers, pencil sharpeners, baby rattles, paintbrushes, bubble blowing kits, and other items that ensure at least some plastic bottles will stay out of the waste stream for a while.

coke 2nd lives caps

Although we’re reluctant to endorse sugary soft drinks, the ad campaign does provide some entertaining uses for the plastic bottles after the beverage is gone. Water guns, sauce shakers, and even mini barbells are not objects that you would ever think to associate with a soft drink company, but the plastic caps really do give new lives to the empty bottles.

2nd lives coke bottle caps campaign

Coke is giving away 40,000 sets of the caps in Vietnam and has plans to introduce them across Asia at some point. In keeping with the spirit of Coke’s other recent campaigns, this one is focused on giving consumers a bit of unexpected fun and happiness.

(via: AdWeek)