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Inspired by plastic pop-out modeling sets, this collection of coffee-oriented tableware (likewise made via a single-injection mold) contains everything you need to accomplish the task at hand … and replant some coffee after the fact.

However, unlike its petroleum-based predecessors, each (spoon, cup and saucer) set is in this case constructed from non-polluting, fully-biodegradable organic materials, and comes complete with spare beans for post-beverage replanting.

Cheap, stackable and eco-friendly, the concept still has a few kinks to be ironed out – for example, breaking down parts to put in the cup-turned-planter portion (as growth mediums) sounds somewhat implausible, and having to stick some portions in the ground makes the whole thing less practical as well.

It would also be nice to see models or renderings of the process in greater detail. Still, this so-called Coffee Kit by Joana Carvalho shows some promise … even if it is only, for now, the seed of a more well-resolved design idea.