Canes are created for folks who need a hand – definitely not another object to handle, potentially drop or otherwise worry about. While traditional staffs come in many shapes and sizes, few can boast such helpful independence from external supports.

On steps or even slopes, these walking sticks stay relatively upright. While stopping to pay for something at a store or otherwise pausing during a walk, they can be left alone rather than needing to be leaned against a wall or object.

Unlike many industrial design ideas, this one has an already-working prototype (as well as intuitive laws of physics) on its side. A simple hand grip and weighted bottom make for a nice clean-and-practical look as well.

It is clear that even bumping into it simply causes it to sway, but it can still stay (or return to an) ultimately vertical (position) even after some force is applied. Designed by Cheng-Tsung Feng & Yu-Ting Cheng.