Seb Przd is a skilled photographer known for his fantastic “little planet” photography. He has also created this highly compelling set of seemingly impossible bookcases to showcase his skills as a photographer but even more so as a highly creative photo editor – someone who can manipulate reality in novel but highly mathematical ways.


Seb can be seen here creating infinite loops, regressions and spirals and even arguing with himself in one instance. He works, in general, with photographs that are impossible with a conventional camera – and specifically with spherical panaromas and creative ways to map these onto flat surfaces including stereographic projections and conformal mappings.


So what does this have to do with actual bookcase design? Very little, directly speaking, but it speaks indirectly to new ways we can look at old conventions. These photographs take a very simple 3-by-3 design grid – one of the most conventional design layouts in the world – and reinterprets it in radical new ways. Also, take a second look: while these may look impossible at first they are, in reality, only highly improbable. All could be built in one form or another, though the level of detail might be highly difficult to achieve.