Have an unsightly seat you would like nothing more than to disguise? Perhaps the metal frame is rusting, the wood seat is splintering or the plastic-back surface finish is wearing a way. Whatever the reason, there is a cheap and simple (if silly) solution – aside from sandblasting, refurbishing and/or refinishing, that is.

Titled the ‘Chair Dress’ by Design Studio Maezm, the actual product in this case cannot even be sat upon without bending too the floor – its soft frame and sofa-style is not sufficient to hold up your weight. However, the chair you place it over as a cover can (hopefully) pick up the extra pounds … and the ‘dressing’ has some basic structural rigidity from its thickness and shape.

Since the black foam material used is both cushioned and porous, it adds some additional comfort in the form of seating support and plush arm rests but also lets you see through it to get a sense of the chair that is silhouetted inside. The result is a clean contrast between the actual sitting element – generally identifiable as wood or metal, folding or regular – and the lounger-shaped box around it. Neat or or nonsense, however, is for you to decide.