Cement Panel Portable House 1

At first glance, this small structure in an archetypal house shape doesn’t look very inviting. Covered in cement board panels and entirely closed up, the house doesn’t appear to have doors or windows at all. But that’s part of what makes it so portable. The APH80 series of prefabricated small houses by architectural firm ABATON is made to be easily shipped on the back of a truck.

Cement Panel Portable House 3

Cement Panel Portable House 2

Designed to go virtually anywhere, this little getaway maintains the proportions of an average-sized home complete with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and double bedroom, packed into just 27 square meters (290 square feet.)

Cement Panel Portable House 4

Though it appears to be extremely heavy and solid, it’s actually made of lightweight grey cement wood boards that open to reveal glazed windows and doors, opening the home to the outside to multiply the available living space.

Cement Panel Portable House 5

The interior is clad in solid timber for a homey, substantial feel, and as small as the home is, it still has a closed-off bedroom for a sense of privacy.