ruban bottle opener
There are some kitchen tools that are absolutely essential to have, but that you have to keep tucked away in a drawer or cabinet because they’re really not nice to look at. The bottle opener falls into this category – you’d be silly to not have one around, but you probably don’t proudly display it.
attractive bent stainless steel bottle opener
The RUBAN from designer José Cabrita is pretty enough that you can leave it out and be proud to have it in your kitchen. A steep departure from the typical bottle opener, RUBAN looks just like a piece of metal with a little corner folded over.
stainless steel bottle opener
One side of the RUBAN is shiny and polished while the other side is blasted to look a bit more rough and provide a nice visual contrast where the two finishes meet. It looks less like a bottle opener and more like an odd little minimalist sculpture.
contexte ruban bottle opener

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RUBAN was designed for CONTEXTE and boasts a rather large price tag of €55. The stainless steel tool was made to last, however, so if you find yourself opening lots of bottles maybe you’ll find that it’s worth the cost.