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Self-adjusting, scroll-shaped ends make space for as many (or few) books as you want to accommodate, all without the need for separate conventional bookends (or even existing shelf space – a window ledge, side table or floor would work too).

Aside from the physical need for support (and place to store spare lengths of the wrapped-up metal bands the hold it together), these end pieces also provide extra semi-secret storage space for pens, pencils or other odds and ends.

Exterior and interior foam padding and plastic shell (in black or yellow) prevents damage to your precious books and softens the look and feel of the Scroll Bookshelf.

Designed by Xin-Hung Lin, Pei-Yi Chiu, Chia-Rung Shu, & Wung-Bing Lin, this is a clear but playful reference to pre-book volumes wrapped up and stored as scrolls, but there is balance, too; it incorporates modern materials and accommodates contemporary book shelving needs as well.