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Travel is one of the great pleasures of life, and people who have been places are usually proud of their journeys. The Scratch Map from Luckies of U.K. lets you keep a visual and ever-changing record of everywhere you’ve been.

scratch off travel maps

The locations on the map are covered with gold foil. Once you visit one of the countries on the map, you use a coin to scratch off the top layer, revealing a colorful version of that place.

scratch off maps

The more you travel, the more colorful your map becomes. Hanging on your wall, the map will act as an instant indicator of your worldliness.

Some versions of the maps allow you to note your flight paths, favorite memories of your travels, and even a place to put “before trip” and “after trip” photos of yourself.

european travel map

Besides the world map, Luckies makes more localized versions including the U.K. and Ireland, and Europe. Even if you haven’t been able to travel the world, you can scratch off all of the places you’ve journeyed to in your own area.

united states scratch off map


The United States version even lets you reveal the states you’ve been to by scratching off the red, white and blue overlay.