eric klarenbeek curtains

The effect might be depressing were it devoid of a real view out your window, but layering something on an already-interesting setting? There might be something to this otherwise-kitsch yet still-clever idea.

sheer patterned curtains

Studio Eric Klarenbeek: “For an apartment at the seaside of Knokke, Belgium, we were asked to design curtains for the living and bedrooms. The living room has a view of the sea, and for this we created 3 layers of curtains, working as a 3D panorama, every layer having different boats in depth.”

illusion curtains

“The backside view of her apartment is poor due to the facing housing block. Therefore we created two layers of curtains. One thick light absorbing curtain, with the dutch dunes, and one layer with plants and animals.”

curtain print

One could wish, though, that they had figured out a better way to capture these, as the photos hint at but barely do justice to the concept as executed.

“Eric Klarenbeek (Amsterdam 1978) graduated in 2003 at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Since then he has designed for clients such as Droog Design, Marcel Wanders’s Moooi, Lidewij Edelkoort, Makkink Bey, Eneco and the Ministry of the Netherlands. He is founder of the ArTechLab at the AKI ArtEZ art academy ( His projects have been exhibited and published extensively. His windlight is presented at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai and The Floating Light Project was awarded for innovative design at The Design Academy Eindhoven.”

ghostly curtain

“‘My work is characterized by interaction and innovation. My products can be in motion, react on our emotions or respond on developments in our society. I search for new meaning and principles in objects, for unexplored connections between materials, production methods, makers and users. Every project is a research, resulting in interior and public space appliances and designs.’ Eric Klarenbeek.”