Liffey bed without mattress

Modernist design is all well and good for architecture, interiors and even many furniture designs, but when it comes to a place to rest your head there is nothing quite like a warm, variegated, solid-wood bed to make you feel safe and warm at night.

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“The headline feature of the Liffey Bed is the four large storage drawers with angled faces concealed beneath the platform: A smart solution that allows the bed to keep a clean profile. In addition, the Liffey Bed has a headboard using solid hardwoods (shown in American black walnut) accentuating the beauty of the natural grain. Adding an extra artistic flourish to the headboard are two optional small maple pop-out boxes to keep jewelry and other personal items hidden away. They close flush so that you might not even know they are there, unless you pop them out.”

Liffey bed collage

And while this bed design and other heavy-timber bedroom and living room furniture by Shimna is downright fit for a log cabin it also has small aesthetic twists that reveal it to be contemporary, like the little asymmetrical drawers laid into in the headboard.

Shimna wood furniture
Beam coffee table

Beyond beds, Shimna reuses the rigid lumber theme throughout a series of seats, tables and couches that likewise find a home somewhere between rustic and modern without looking faux-vintage or overly formal, balancing typical materials in unusual ways.

Of the Beam coffee table, the designers say, “It’s like a giant Jenga set! Inspired by the legs of our Beam series sofa, this rustic coffee table is made up of six timbers layed out without hardware, using gravity and the weight of the wood itself to stay together. A very primitive concept, simple forms and beautiful grain come together here to give the piece an exotic element. Shown in raw Pennsylvanian black walnut with a tung oil finish.”

“SHIMNA, a SENTIENT company, combines traditional materials and techniques with contemporary design, infused with a sense of whimsy. We want our pieces to hearken back to the past but also connect with the present and future. We use local craftsmen and hardwoods to make each piece custom to order in Brooklyn, New York, USA.