Think back to your first apartment or house. If you’re like most of us, it was a bit underwhelming in style, probably thrown together from hand-me-downs and thrift store finds. Not so for Ron Benshsoshan and his girlfriend who live in Israel. They recently purchased their first Tel Aviv apartment and performed one incredible renovation.

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When the couple moved in, the apartment was a dismal, dull space left over from the 70s. With not much time and a very limited budget, they tackled the monumental task of turning the space into a stunning modern home. These before and after pictures illustrate what a dramatic change their efforts made.


The renovations included knocking out a kitchen wall to open the kitchen up and connect it to the living room. Other projects included turning a small, segmented bathroom into one large bathroom and enclosing a balcony off of the bedroom to make a larger bedroom space.

Tel Aviv Apartment bathroom

Ron, an industrial design student, decided to design and build most of the elements on his own to save money. The results, however, are so sophisticated and stylish that it would be easy to believe the apartment was entirely remade by a high-priced designer.


The two-bedroom dwelling is a true reflection of the couples’ unique personalities and tastes – and it shows off their talents in spectacular style.


The apartment is almost entirely unrecognizable, going from a neglected and dated space to one where the couple and their cat can happily live, work and play in style.


Some of the most striking objects created by the couple in their incredible renovation are the bar that pulls out of the wall between the kitchen and dining area, the clustered light fixture in the living area, and the wall-mounted cat lounge area.


But the true crowning glories of the apartment are the living room wall clock made of clocks, the recessed bookshelf in the dining area, and the gorgeously creative towel rack/faucet combination in the bathroom. We would be speechless over this monumental renovation…except that we just can’t stop talking about how much we love everything about it!