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The history of measurement has come full circle, from body-based units to abstracted quantifiers … and now back again to the basics. From lengths and widths to volumes, this set of finger-mounted devices is designed to let the user measure anything, store that data, calculate results and more.

Wooden sticks gave way to wood-and-metal rulers and measuring tapes, which in turn were replaced over time by higher-technology digital tools for fine-tuned measurements. Still, how often do you find yourself needing precision down to the very last millimeter or hundredth of an inch in daily life, as a designer or otherwise?

Unlike other precursors, this set of miniature measurers works at essentially any scale – put them both on one hand for small distances, two hands for medium ones or trade them between two different people for longer requirements.

The evolution of measuring technologies started with what we all had in common – feet, legs, arms, hands and whole bodies, from which various cultures derived standardized systems for long-term use.?Both in theory and practice, this simple invention takes the entire history of such methods and tools into account.

The best of all worlds, this ‘smart finger’ concept by Choi Hyong-Suk,?Jung Ji-hye & Yoo-Jin Park (via YankoDesign) blends the precision of cutting-edge distance and weight calculators and exceeds the convenience of rulers and tape measures in terms of portability and usability.