Snaidero Skyline Accessible Kitchen stylish round countertop

Snaidero is one of many manufacturers producing rounded counters, but their Skyline Collection helps illustrate both the accessibility and the space-creating possibilities of curving surfaces out beyond the appliances, cabinets and shelves below them. Accessible kitchen design just isn’t talked about enough when it comes to high end fixtures and cabinetry, and this collection presents an elegant, curvaceous solution that offers more work surfaces to boot.

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Snaidero Skyline Accessible Kitchen

Remodels can be costly, to say the least, not to mention intrusive and time-consuming. If the problem is a simple one – such as: not having enough area with which to prepare and cook food – sometimes the solution is just as straightforward. While the first examples in this article are a bit more involved (and expensive), many of these would make good models – at least for inspiration purposes – in the case of existing kitchens that could use a bit of spicing up.

As a complimentary gesture, things like curved-glass shelving and curved-metal drawer handles can play off the curvilinear counter-top edges to make the newly-introduced element seem right at home within an existing kitchen plan

Snaidero Skyline Accessible Kitchen round counters

Designed to improve autonomy and safety in the kitchen for people with disabilities, Skyline Lab accomplishes that and much more. By responding with simplicity to the most common needs of disabled customers, Italian designers Lucci and Orlandini have created a universal modern kitchen design that makes life easier for any type of user.”

Choosing simplicity comes easy to Lucci and Orlandini, who when creating this design, chose to avoid the use of complex electromechanical mechanisms in order to eliminate the risks posed by blackouts and failures while keeping the end cost low. In Skyline Lab the concept of design is broadened to become Universal Design, in other words a type of design that eliminates any complexity in the product’s use, making it suitable for any user, even the least specialised and the least able.”

Snaidero Skyline Accessible Kitchen wheelchair users