room in a box
Talk about space-saving design: here we have a bed, table, desk and chair – even some cabinet, shelving and night-stand space – all packaged neatly like a holiday present inside a mobile box that can be carried by a single person.
room in a pull out box
A white exterior gives way to interior orange accents as each function is folded or pulled out from the core furniture object. The chair can double as a shelf, of course, and the bed would work fine as a minimalist floor couch. Designed this way by Isis intentionally or not, this box hides more potential than one would ever guess at first glance.
room in a box furniture set

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While this might not be a dream design for permanent daily use, it would be a fine way to have guests spend the night – and storage is simple once everything is flipped or pushed back into place. It would also work as a kind of nomadic traveling trunk. With everything packed inside it for (albeit Spartan) sleeping, working and lounging, it would be great on the go as well. For now, alas, you will have to put it on your longer-term holiday wishlist: this design is currently only a prototype.