Projected upside-down into derelict rooms of deserted homes, these images are more than mere art – they turns walls into screens and create entirely new inverted worlds within dead and abandoned spaces. No house, garden or tree is safe.

Like the bright light from a nearly-extinguished candle flame, each of these photos shot by Vancouver artist and photographer James Nizman breath last life into homes on the edge of destruction.

The title of the photo series is ‘Anteroom’ as if they were the doorway to another world, but could just as easily be ‘Anti-Room’ – the opposite of a normal interior space in almost every way imaginable.

Some of the scenes show generic and pretty settings – from green landscapes to suburban neighborhoods – that would be surreal enough if displayed on the walls right-side-up, but upside-down they become darkly comedic and highly provocative. It seems there is a correlation in play: the closer to demolition the room is, the more extreme the projected scene becomes.

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From abstract night scenarios to bright and vivid daylight images, each room is an experience at the intersection of the scene projected on the wall and the abandoned space in which these voyeuristic pictures were taken with a tiny pinhole camera.