rolling mop ball
With the advent of the Roomba, people who hate to vacuum rejoiced at never having to clean their floors again. Leave it to Japanese gadget inventors to come up with something that’s even cuter than the Roomba but way less practical. The Mocoro Rolling Ball Mop is exactly what it sounds like: a little rolling ball that cleans your hard surface floors as it rolls.
microfiber rolling mop ball

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The microfiber ball has a motor inside it that allows it to roll around picking up dust bunnies for 15 minutes at a time. Three AA batteries will provide about three total hours of cleaning. It cleans tile, laminate, hardwood and any other non-carpet floors by causing the dust to stick to the soft cover. Unfortunately, you have to remove the cover and wash it after every cleaning.
The video for the Mocoro is insanely cute, but it proves what you’re probably already thinking: this is basically just a pet toy that gets dirty really quickly. If you live in Japan you can get your very own for ¥3,980 (around $40 US). Just watch your pets around it – it will either drive them insane or die at their paws.