growing home vegetable garden

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Growing a garden has never been easier, complete with vegetables no less. For those of us who are DIY types but do not know the first thing about gardening (or how to grow anything inside either), this roll-out all-in-one pre-planted garden for beginners is perfect.

grow easy gardening idea

How does this delightfully green idea by Chris Chapman work? The cardboard mat comes complete with vegetable seeds, organic fertilizer and is of course biodegradable – which means all you have to do is add water and soil and watch it grow. Keeping seasons in mind, each time of year has its own mat with ideal components for year-round growth.

grow your own garden

Even for folks with greener thumbs, this provides an easy alternative to constructing a new garden area from scratch as the complete gardening set contains simple biodegradable tools and everything one needs to start a fresh vegetable patch. This is also a great way to get non-gardeners involved in the gardening process for the first time.