stone seating

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Bringing the eternal beauty of nature indoors is a trick that designers have used for centuries to add a certain depth to interior spaces. Italian designer Enzo Berti uses marble and wood to create a beachscape right in your living room.

stacked stones

The Pavé Stone collection, commissioned by and for Italian marble company Kreoo, consists of a heavy marble base under a comfortable wooden seat. Both layers look like huge, polished stones you would find on a beach.

creative stacked stone chairs

The wood grain might seem like it would look out of place next to the polished marble. However, it nicely complements the stone’s own natural grain. The two stacked pieces flow together beautifully and bring to mind the fun of skipping rocks or collecting interesting bits of natural keepsakes along the beach or river.

round stone chairs made of wood

Kreoo envisions offering the stacked stone chairs in three sizes, in several marble colors and with a choice of a bleached or aged larch wood seat. A table – made of a marble base with a small pedestal attached – is another option that would nicely round out the living room set.

“The seating system is realized through the overlap of two natural layers: a marble base and a wood seat in bleached or aged larch. 
Pavè Stone (indoor) is a design of new comfort and various solutions. 
Proposed in various marble colors and in 3 different sizes.”

“In 2010 thanks to the 50-year-long experience by Decormarmi, Kreoo creates an unexplored dimension of the marble item managing in exalting its sensual and secret soul. Marble is combined with wood, Murano glass, and metals. | Kreoo ventures in new thicknesses, waves and shapes | it experiments new materials | looks for new functionalities.”

“The name Kreoo has a precise reference to the Greek verb kraino meaning “to create, to realize”: from Ancient Greece, Kreoo draws the instinct for perfection and harmony and translate it into a contemporary, aesthetic and innovative vocabulary.”