Reuse Plastic Bags with This Trash Can

It seems so obvious when you see it – the Urbano trash bin that can be used with plastic bags you bring home and might otherwise discard. Many people already reuse plastic bags to house their recycling or even their garbage but this design makes it even easier and cleaner to do so. They are not exactly high style but certainly look better than leaving bags of recycling lying around. Before you decide that this hyper-specific design is a little ridiculous and you’d rather just stick your old shopping bags into whatever random trash can you have laying around the house, check out the details that make the Urbano a smart, eco friendly addition to the home.

Eco Trash Can Design

Trash Can for Reusing Plastic Bags

Another twist to make this design even more compelling: extra bags can be stored under the one in use, pushed down by the handles and tucked beneath them. Replacing the bags, then, is even easier than in a traditionally designed trash can – you just pull up the new bag after your remove the old one and hook its handles around the catches provided. Fittingly enough, the Urbano Trash Bin is made of recycled polypropylene, so it’s easy to clean too.

Want your very own Urbano Trash Bin so you can reuse your plastic bags more easily than ever? It’s available for a mere $9.99 at Uncommon Goods.

“Winner of the 2005 Pratt Product Design Competition, designer Kevin McElroy’s clever trash can allows you to store and reuse the plastic bags that you collect from shopping in a neat, organized way. Simply loop trash bags around the cut-out sides and push them all the way down, creating a visual of stacked handles all along the side. When you are ready to use one, just move it up to the handles and hook so that it won’t fall in on itself. Made in the USA.”