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Sometimes ‘design’ is as simple as transposing an object from one place and time to another – say, from the inside of a vintage train to the wall of a contemporary loft. A luggage rack by any other name, well, could be a wall-mounted shelf instead.

Elemental is a British vintage and antique store with a bit of a twist – in addition to found objects they also sell certain upcycled items, hybridized from old and new alike. When needed, they make modifications – when not, they clean, organize and present for sale essentially as-is.

Examples include: old cabinets laminated with new (retro) layers, like old signs, advertisements and pieces of billboards … or carved wooden chests cut to fit old wood drawers, miscellaneous salvaged antiques with unique finishes, fasteners, joinery and pulls.

But many of their items are simply refurbished and set in a new context – products you might think of as trash if you saw them on the street, but that – when washed up, set against a brick wall and worn wood flooring – start to come alive again.

Their incredibly exhaustive list of offerings is categorized and sub-categorized akin to Dornob itself, including (but not limited to): books, bowls, boxes, ceramics, coat stands, glassware, globes, kitchenware, ladders, teaware, texture, toys, candle lanters and ceiling lamps, benches, chairs, sofas, stools, apothecaries, armoires, clapets, cupboards and, of course, haberdashery.