What is Smarterware?

Smarterware is Ovie’s new collection of durable, BPA-free Tritan plastic tupperware containers, clips, and connectors. It was designed to help modern, environmentally-conscious individuals and families make the most of their fresh produce and reduce their waste output. Smarterware achieves this by way of Smart Tags: small disc-shaped devices that can be attached to the tupperware to gauge how much longer the produce within will last.
Smarterware Smarterware

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According to the National Resources Defense Council, Americans waste around 40 percent of their consumable goods, costing the average family a staggering $2000 each and every year! That’s basically like throwing out two out of every five grocery bags you bring home after each trip to the store.
The idea behind this sustainable venture is to allow consumers to save all that money and reduce their waste, making sure that every item on their shopping list can be utilized to its full potential before its shelf life runs out completely.

How Does it Work?

Each Smarterware container comes with one removable (and waterproof) SmartTag, which use a green, yellow, or red light to indicate whether the food is fresh, needs to be eaten soon, or is past its shelf date and should be avoided. Simply attach the Smart Tag to any piece of Smarterware and let your smart home assistant know exactly what you’re saving. Then Ovie does the rest.
Smart Tags
When the button on the Smart Tag is pressed, it connects to Ovie’s hub, which registers the device with the company’s cloud. When you tell your smart home assistant what you’re saving, it informs that cloud. Ovie then pulls up information regarding your food and how long it should last from a database and sends it back to the Smart Tag, triggering a countdown process.
After half of the countdown has passed, the cloud tells the Smart Tag to change the color of its light to yellow and forwards a notification to your phone via an accompanying app to let you know. The next time you open your fridge, you’ll have no problem deciding which grub to snap up first. Family meal planning just got a whole lot easier for the head chef!
Ovie App Smarterware
For extra assistance, you can elect to have Ovie send you a daily reminder (at the time of your choosing to prevent notification overload) regarding which of your ingredients need attention. Ovie’s downloadable app tracks your food in real time so you can make constant changes and updates, meaning your tags will always read correctly.
You actually don’t have to have a smart home assistant for this to work, but the company does believe that it makes the whole experience a lot more fun!

Who’s Behind the Design?

Ovie is a technology brand with a vision to reduce waste. Realizing that Americans waste 31 million pounds of food each year, they conceived of Smarterware to help solve a problem that is gravely impacting our planet and damaging precious environmental resources.
Ovie is also a member of the Pledge 1%, meaning that they donate 1 percent of all of their profits to combating food insecurity, poverty, and waste all around the world.

How Does It Help You Live Sustainably?

The company claims that around 50 percent of all meals are consumed outside of the home, which means that the average American is enjoying café and restaurant food far more than they are taking to the stove and cooking up their own grub. This lifestyle not only affects our personal finances, but it can also lead to unhealthy eating habits. Of course, making dinner every evening can become a bit of a chore, so the idea behind Ovie is to simplify the task and make it as enjoyable as possible using smart technology.
Smarterware Ovie App
Ovie can also give you some recipe suggestions based on the ingredients that they already know are waiting to be used in your fridge, so there’s really no need for that takeout brochure that’s been pinned to your fridge for the past twelve months. If you do decide to treat yourself to a pad thai one afternoon and find that you can’t finish it, just put it in the fridge and add a Smart Tag to it to make the most of it later on!

How Can I Get On Board?

Pre-order your Smarterware and Smart Tags on Kickstarter now to receive 50 percent off your order. By making these small yet significant changes to your home and lifestyle, you can begin to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a simpler, healthier life from the comfort of your own kitchen.