The big red barn is a classic icon of American agriculture, a symbol of rural living that is fading slowly from the landscape. Turning these big old structures into new habitable spaces provides a unique preservation opportunity but is also a great (and green) way to live in amazing space.

The hay loft has become a wide-open living room area and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms have been fit as much as possible into the existing plans in order to leave as much open space as possible in the rest of the barn building.

Heavy timber ceilings provide a light contrast to the dark wooden flooring, with exposed wood grain provide a naturally decorative touch throughout the inside – in contrast to the white-and-red painted exterior that makes it still look much like a conventional barn structure from the outside.

Natural daylight and passive heat from solar rays (combined with added insulation) keep the interior nice and warm, while other eco-friendly material, furnishing and fixture choices can be found throughout the house.

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Redesigned as a contemporary residence on the inside by Don Frothingham, the outside retains much its historic character. The Bainbridge Barn is located on an island outside of Seattle with views of the local forests and far-off mountains all around.