interactive 3d functional wallpaper

Wallpaper is supposed to sit flat and blend into the background – a simple decorative surface over otherwise bare walls. Colors and patterns of traditional wallpapering types inform the rhythms of this offbeat design idea but are just the beginning of a unique alternative to boring old wall coverings.

interactive wallpaper shelving design

A standard stripe pattern ‘lifts up’ from the floor and folds into a series of functional shelving spaces for books and other odds and ends – there is even a ‘blank’ space below where, conceptually, the wallpaper was moved to accommodate this three-dimensionality from designer Kicki Edgren Nyborg

interactive wallpaper light

Hidden the the regular geometries and repetitive three-toned patterns of this rather standard-looking green wallpaper sit a series of fold-out lights that make the observer wonder what other parts of the surrounding wall might come alive and pull out to reveal additional secret functions.